Maine DeLight
 Seascape and Wildlife Gel Candles
Wildlife Series Gel Candle - $30.00
Options: Moose, Deer,
Wolf, and Bear. 
When lit in a dark room
looks as though they
are in a snowstorm.
Estimated burn time
55-60 hours.
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Lighthouse Gel Candle $32.00
Estimated burn time (EBT) 80
hours.  When lit in a dark room the entire candle glows, lighting up all the scenery in the bottom.
Includes real recycled sea life.
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Bistro Seascape Gel Candle $30.00
Options: Nemo, Dol-
phins, Lighthouse, Lobster.  Estimated burn time 55-60 hours.
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Dolphin Gel Candle $32.00
A beautiful under water scene frozen in time.  Features real recycled sea life such as star fish, sea shells along with  Maine coral and seaglass. 
EBT  80 hours.
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Bistro Gel Candle  $30.00
Options: Loon, Puffin, Eagle, Frog, Turtle,Baby Seal.  Look as though
they are caught in the rain.  EBT 55-60 hours.
Goblet Seascape   $32.00
This one is made with all real recycled sealife inside.  Like having a beautiful aquarium without all the work.  You don't have to feed the fish or clean the tank!  Again you have Maine coral and seaglass from DownEast Maine!
Small Apothecary Gel Candle - $26.00
Estimated burn time 40 hours.  Real recycled sea life including pygmy seahorse, coral from Eastport, ME and sea glass collected in Lubec, ME.  What a unique gift!
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Large Bistro Gel Candle - $39.00
Estimated burn time should be about 100 hours based on the amount of material used.  The lighthouses in this candle are the larger, more acurate depiction of our Maine lighthouses.  You have a choice of: Nubble Light, York, ME; West Quoddy Light, Lubec, ME; Bass Harbor Light, Acadia, ME (near Bar Harbor),  Portland Head Light, Portland, ME and Pemaquid Light near Boothbay Harbor, ME.  This candle also has more of the real sealife inside.  You can also choose to have this candle made without the lighthouse by ordering this in the seascape version.
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XL Bistro Sailing Ship Candle    $45.00
Estimated burn time 120 hours.  This candle is
made with a Pewter sailing ship on a dark
blue sea in a rain storm. 

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Small Tidepool Gel Candle - $90.00
  Much more real sealife organized in a tidepool fashion with a coral reef through the middle.  This candle is about 7 1/2 " across.  Refill kit available by mail.  This candle never has to leave your home.
Large Tidepool Gel Candle - $140.00
Even more real sea life arranged throughout the gel candle.  Three wicks that give a brighter glow all the way around the candle which measures a little over 10" across.  With the flicker of the flame in a darkened room the fish even look as though they are moving.  Once you have burned the candle, you can order a refill kit by mail and the candle never has to leave your home.  You can burn it over and over again, keeping the same fragrance or trying a new one each time.

You can also request this to be a Wildlife Centerpiece and choose 3 wildlife figures for your woodland/snow scene.
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